Our Dental Nurse Nadine has recently celebrated her 30th Anniversary of working at Davidson’s Mains Dental and we wanted to ask her a few questions on how her career has changed over the years.

Q, You have just celebrated your 30 year Anniversary working in Davidson’s Mains Dental. What interested you in the position of Dental Nurse?
A, I have always enjoyed working with the public and when the opportunity presented for a change of career, dental nursing seemed ideal and It seemed an interesting and varied role.

Q, How has the practice changed over the years?
A, There hasn’t been much change in terms of staff as most of the staff have worked in the practice for a number of years. This means that patients receive the same standard of care that they have come to expect whilst visiting the practice.
Its more how the technology and materials have changed over the years. These advancements allow us to provide more treatment options, which are less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing.

Q, How has your role as a dental nurse changed over the years?
A, When I first started everything was recorded in paper notes, this is all now computerised which makes things a lot quicker and easier. Nurses now have a more hands on role with the patient during appointments and provide more support to the dentist. We follow the patient through their journey from making and arranging the appointment to completion of treatment and following up.

Q, What do you enjoy about your role and working in the practice?
A, Every day is different and varied in the treatments that we are carrying out each day. I enjoy working in different areas of the practice, some days I will be nursing in surgery or some days I might be in our decontamination unit, providing support to the clinical staff by processing and cleaning instruments, ensuring that they have the correct instruments required for that days appointments.

Q, Your sister is also a Dental Nurse in the practice, What is it like working with your sister?
A, We have worked together now for almost 30 years so it would seem strange her not being here. We don’t let being family get in the way of working together and have good banter together.